Mary K. Thomas, M.A., is your instructor for these lessons, which deal with the brain, the mind, the emotional center of our soul, overcoming addictive behavior, and learning how to experience grace in our Christian walk. Our salvation is much bigger than perceived, including the healing from hurtful pasts and deep woundedness.  Experience the abundant life in Christ, making the Lord very real in your life!

Disc 1
Part A - The Foundations of Healthy Thinking
Part B - The Formation of the Triune Brain
Part C - Brain Facts Continued 

Disc 2 - Functions Explained
Part A - The Reptilian Brain
Part B - The Limbic System
Part C - The Limbic System Continued 
Part D - The Limbic System Continued

Disc 3
The Formidable Trio vs. The Neo Cortex Brain

Bonus CD
Instructional & Study Materials

Releasing Grace Ministries

Mary K Thomas
Mary K. Thomas received a B.A. and M.A. from Marshall University. She spent the next 30 years teaching Jr. High through High School in Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia. After serving as the secretary for a local church for four years, she returned to teaching at Tri-State Bible College in South Point, Ohio.

In 1999, Mary K. was introduced to the counseling model known as The Exchanged Life and continues in that training.  She is now certified by the two largest Exchanged Life counseling associations in the world.  Her years of experience and training have allowed her the privilege of training other counselors and overseeing their certification.
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